What’s in Stock?

Thank you to everyone who is helping us gather responses. This test means so much more to us than a future hobby or “side-hustle”. One day, this website could be a hub for farmers who do things the right way to showcase what they have in stock and get it directly to consumers. When this happens, it saves you money and puts more profits in the hands of local farmers. 
We want to change the way that the world looks at organic food. Let’s make local businesses strong in presence and incoming business so farmers can be rewarded for all the hard work they put in. 
For now, we’re researching, starting small, with oh-so big dreams.

Let’s See What’s In Stock Today!

If you’re coming to this page in our new website, we’d like to see what the most popular items would be with folks that find us. I am in the planning stages of this small business set up and I’d love to have an opinion from you, a consumer, on what you would purchase through us versus a traditional grocery store:

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