Pasture-Raised Chickens in Huntsville, TX

How Do We Keep Our Chickens Happy?

Where will we provide chickens to?

Pasture-Raised Chickens in Huntsville, TX

Knowing where your food is coming from is more important today than ever before. With corporations working to push our quantity over quality, researching your food’s source is so important. When pasture-raised, chickens serve a dual purpose. Every animal has a job to do on our farm. The chickens are nature’s pest control. They eat worms, crickets, and anything else they can find with a few scratches on the ground.

Organic & Non-GMO Pasture-Raised Chicken

The chickens are also supplemented with an organic & non-GMO feed that allows them to have a fully-rounded diet. Because we allow our flock to graze naturally in the pasture, they end up not eating as much feed, which gives us the ability to offer their meet up at such a competitive price.

Pasture Rotation Keeps Chickens Healthy

Every day the chickens get moved to a different space in the pasture so they can continue their foraging. The constant rotation allows all of our land to be pest free while also nourishing it with their droppings so we can then plant the land. Another amazing side effect of this rotation is that we are able to keep our chickens steroid- and antibiotic-free.

No one wants to eat medicated meat. That’s why we recommend eating pasture-raised chicken that is raised with no hormones, GMO products, or antibiotics.

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