Organic Eggs in New Waverly, TX

Organic Eggs Near New Waverly, TX

Hi friend! Welcome to Farm-Raised Eggs, located in Huntsville, TX – just down the road from New Waverly. This is a startup that is focused on providing happy & healthy alternatives to traditional poultry suppliers. Farm-Raised Eggs is in it’s beginning stages, so basically all planning at the moment, but we are hoping to make this dream happen soon! 

My goal is to grow a flock of chickens for organic & non-GMO eggs that are treated fairly and with respect whether they are laying hens or meat birds. The chickens will live a life of enrichment, allowed to roam pasture and graze on their natural prey – insects. 

This website and “brand” is a test to see if I can get popular enough to where this would be a profitable venture, but mostly, I’m a data nerd and I love to study analytics. Farm-Raised Eggs is giving me that ability and I think it is too cool!

Why Am I So Passionate About Organic & Non-GMO Farm-Raised Eggs?

I believe that when given the alternative between factory-raised eggs versus farm-raised eggs, most people would choose the latter. Introduce the added benefit of focused enrichment like giving hens sunflowers and providing dust baths, then you’ve got happy chickens that are so much healthier for you and your family. These simple pleasures will create long, happy lives for the egg laying hens, resulting in better and more frequent eggs.

Buying Farm-Raised Eggs in New Waverly, TX

Eventually, I’d like to have subscription boxes that get delivered to customers that choose that option versus pickup. I believe that making buying healthy food more accessible to the average Texas family will make us more successful in the long run. I’d like to have “runners” at first that carefully can drop refrigerated packages within timeframes of people’s choosing. This will ensure that the order stays as fresh as possible, even during the summer heat. This will all come over time!

If You’d be Interested in Buying Our Eggs or Chicken at Some Point, We’d Love to Get Your Feedback!

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