Non-GMO Eggs in Huntsville, TX

Our all Organic, Non-GMO Farm-Raised Eggs

Buy a Dozen Eggs

12 Eggs Provided in a 100% recycle-able egg carton. If you bring your own egg carton, we’ll take $1 off your order. Let’s work to reduce waste together!

Buy Eggs in Bulk

Buy more, spend less. When you go bulk, you save big! Special discounts are given to seniors, veterans, schools, and restaurants. We appreciate you!

What Makes an Egg Organic or Non-GMO?

Many people are left confused by the USDA’s definitions of organic and non-GMO eggs. Understandably, while it is the organization that labels eggs, it also has given the labels a bit more mystery than is really necessary. An uneducated consumer may read the term “cage free” and assume that they are purchasing responsibly sourced ingredients. They are not.

If you want to learn more about the USDA’s definition of Organic, Cage-Free Eggs, please read more here. Next, read the requirements for “cage-free” chickens.

Organic Eggs

With organic eggs, the chickens are fed an organic diet that was grown without pesticides, are not treated with antibiotics and hormones, and have seasonal access to the outdoors. This makes for an overall happier chicken, which makes us as humans happy, and it is healthier for us because they are getting the opportunity to graze. Grazing is where a chicken is allowed to eat bugs and pests off the ground to supplement their human-fed diet.

Non-GMO Eggs

With this, we take it one step further than organic. There are no known traces of any ingredients derived from genetically modified organisms. Ensuring the quality of every feed that our chickens ingest from birth to cull, we ensure that you are always getting the absolute best eggs and meat products. It’s time to bring quality food back into our daily meals. Shop local to ensure your quality over quantity!

Pasture-Raised Eggs

Pasture-Raised Eggs are eggs from chickens that are allowed on pasture. These are top-notch eggs that are from chickens that are actually happy. When chickens are allowed to be chickens, you get a superior product that is genuinely healthy for you!

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