Responsibly Raised Organic Eggs & Meat in Huntsville, TX

Good for you, Good for our environment, Good for your wallet.

About Us

I am running an experiment to see how many people in the North Houston area would be willing to support a local farm that is trying to bring fresh, healthy ingredients to the table. 

I’m hoping to come to the conclusion that a responsibly-raised flock of chicken that are used for eggs and meat is worth the investment on a farmer’s part. Maybe it will encourage more to focus on quality over quantity.

Let’s change the way that Houstonians think about chickens.

We have a lot of eggs of the farm that come in all different colors and sizes. It is a myth that one color is better than another. They are all equally delicious and nutritious!

All of our chickens are fed organic, non-GMO feed. We can’t put it on the website for legal purposes, but give us a call and we’ll tell you everything you need to know so you can research it yourself. We operate on full transparency in everything we do!

Our chickens are pasture-raised, only going into a coop at sunset so they can stay safe. Trust me, they like being in there while sleeping, it’s cozy and even has a heater and fans. Yes, they are spoiled and we know it!

We also sell chicks for you to love and raise as your own, as well as our organic, non-GMO raised hens that have been butchered and flash frozen for your safety and convenience. If you’re interested in buying chicks, just let us know and we’ll reach out to you once we have some available for purchase.